Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Starting something

So this is my first blog post on this brand-spanking-new blog. If I'm being completely honest with you all, I'm a little stumped. I'm a little stumped over lots of things, but this blog has really stumped me something chronic ("stumped" read: currently having "no idea how/why/when/what/who or even if" and continuing to have "no idea how/why/when/what/who or even if")

What I do know is that like I to start things (games, youtube videos, a good book, chocolate bars, cake, overrated TV dramas that leave me with a never-ending sense of worthlessness and self-unfulfillment) but it can be terrifying! Think back to the times when you’ve started something new in your life; did you get that ‘nervous pee’? That uneasy butterfly-belly that just won’t seem to go away? We’ve all been there! Sidenote: before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I AM NOT experiencing these ominous feels whilst I write this post. Quite the contrary - I’ve just had a massive lunch and I’m currently lolling around on the cusp of a food coma, nursing what would appear to be the most heavily-pregnant belly you’ve ever seen (food baby).

I’ve always believed 1 thing in my life. A thing that has helped me become who I am today. This wasn’t meant to be a gushy post (ew) but I wanted to share some ‘stuff’ with you. So this thing… It’s a sort of ‘outlook-on-life-come-(weird)philosophical-approach-to-being-less-of-a-douche’ (we’ll just call it a ‘thing’). It’s about scaring yourself. What this doesn’t mean: switching of the lights and seeing how long you can stand next to your bed before leaping to refuge in your duvet through fear that ‘the monster under the bed’ will reach out with tendrils of sheer doom and pull you helplessly into a murky abyss. What it does mean: challenging yourself. Getting out of your comfort zone.

“If you’re scared, chances are you’re doing something right.’

This is so true (it’s true because I said it and what I says goes… right?). I challenge myself by getting out of my comfort zone, by ‘scaring myself’. Comfort zones are pretty tight places, they really don’t give you much room to grow at all.

What have I done recently to ‘scare myself’? You may or may not know that I have a YouTube channel with my Twin Brother (not JacksGap, the ‘slightly shitter twins’ - Barrack Obama, ca. 1934) Niki. Starting that was pretty scary (I’ll elaborate on that in a later post (too much for 1 post!)) but we did it, and now we’ve got 28,000 amazing subscribers. What else have I done? I flew (like a beautiful butterfly (-Bugs Life reference wot wot wot))! I went on an airplane, for the first time, to America, and met some of the most amazing people ever (we vlogged that, clicky click click). It doesn’t always work. But you always grow, and that’s what makes it fun!

On the vein of ‘scaring myself’ - we’re going to DigiFest this Sunday and it would be great to see you there… We’ve never done ANYTHING like this before! (link: here)

Here’s what I want you to do in the comments below:
  1. When was the last time you ‘scared’ yourself?
  2. Are you stuck in your comfort zone?
  3. What are you going to do about it?

Here’s what I’m going to do:
  1. Regularly update this blog
  2. Do #SammysQ&AFriday blogposts (keep an eye on twitter!)
  3. Stop making so many lists because they’re bloody annoying.

Anyway, get out and enjoy the sun, or whatever the weather’s doing where you are (let’s be completely honest with one another - we both know you’re going to wade back out into depths of the internet and dig up some treasures (like this beauty @imaspacemonkey sent me on twitter:…).

∆ Catch you soon friends! ∆