Friday, 2 May 2014

Rituals, Routines, and Breaking Things

We’ve all got them. No, I’m not talking about sacrificing animal guts to your favourite satanic deity (we’ve all been there, right girls?). I’m talking about our daily rituals. Our daily routines that give us a bit of comfort and peace of mind. Or, I’m talking about those things that we have to do and we don’t really have much say in doing.

What are my daily rituals?
Love it or loathe it, exercise (that yucky word we all tried (or continue to try) to avoid at school because it meant getting muddy and out of breathe chasing a bloody ball around a field -wtf?) is a must-do of a morning for myself. If I don’t get up and run, or spend 30 minutes on my workout, I feel a little unfit, unmotivated and slightly less capable of facing the day ahead (I see you thinking ‘How can he be any LESS capable?’ I am FULL of surprises my friends, FULL!). Maybe I’ve trapped myself in this mind set, but it’s pretty hard to fight your feelings... I have strong feelings towards high-carb chocolate-based foods, for instance, and sometimes you just have to give in to your feelings ;) As far as rituals go, this one’s got to be a pretty good one.

There’s definitely one ritual most of us willingly stick to - eating (what’s better to follow a paragraph on exercise CAKE, CHOCOLATE, BISCUITS, COOKIES, CREAM, OVARY POPPING EXTRAVAGANZA (I just visualised an ‘ovary-popping extravaganza’... there was a lot of gore, tears, and now I am filled with regret for even trying to make a period joke.)

Breakfast - I’ve gotta have my beautiful, sexy (huh?) bowl of porridge. Lunch - whether on-the-go or stay-at-home, I’m having tuna. Tuna and something. No apologies, no regrets. I’m having tuna (haters gonna hate potaters gonna potate) Dinner - my all-time favourite meal has to be a good ol’ shepherd’s pie! What are your meal rituals? Do you have any or do you just wing it? (get the pun? Wing it? (Chicken) wing it?... I’ll let myself out)

The internet is my second home from the moment I wake up. I’ll check emails, messages, twitter, facebook, instagram, and YouTube and then, and only then, can I heave my sleepy self out of bed, to the loo and stare into the mirror as my face falls into place. All the while I’m being helplessly buffeted in the face by a mess of repulsive smells (that I didn’t consider humanly possible)  originating from my mouth, i.e. bed breath.

As you can see, these rituals don’t always hold us back. We can impose restrictions on ourselves by sticking with them but, if we're sick of where we are or want a change, we can break them. Breaking your rituals, shaking things up and doing things differently can surprise you (suprise you like an extra Christmas present under the tree, not surprise you like biting into an apple and finding half a beetle (mmmmm)).

If you’re at school or college, sitting at uni wondering when the torment of education will end, have no fear. It does, and it’s real. But that ritual (getting up everyday at 7:30, breakfast, shower, teeth, out the door) will be replaced by another ritual, and that’s pretty scary. But, as I said in my last post, being scared isn’t always a bad thing.

Let me know your rituals in the comments below! Do they give you a routine? Do you feel a little bit trapped by them? or do they make you feel safe?  It’s great to hear from you all and I’d really appreciate any +1’s you can spare (on my posts and my blog)!

∆ Catch you soon guys! ∆