Saturday, 24 May 2014

Getting Stuck

Life update: coughing continuously for the past week has left my ribs aching and my throat sore... FEEL FOR ME I'M A MAN, THEREFORE I NEED ATTENTION WHEN I'M ILL

Now that I'm right up in your face, invading you personal space (rhyming (and what)), lets talk. Lets talk about getting stuck. By stuck, I mean everything ranging from being down in the dumps, to running out of that magic mojo that makes you tick.

Anecdote: this post was inspired by a struggle myself and Niki had yesterday trying to think of a video idea (don't worry, we found it.) It's so scary when you just can't think, when you just can't summon the energy to conjure a marginally viable thought process. It's for situations like this that FarmVille was created and/or every cheap alternative of Flappy Bird (that seems to have found its way onto my phone (I hate myself.))
It's just that sense of utter helplessness and uselessness, tied with the shear dread that you will never achieve anything in life, that causes the issues. We've all had those moments in life, let's not pretend otherwise - you're laying there in bed, trying to fall asleep, when your mind enters what I like to call 'you're not sleeping yet because it's time for an existential crisis' mode. I hate those moments.

  1. existential crisis
    1. An existential crisis is a moment at which an individual questions the very foundations of his or her life: whether his or her life has any meaning, purpose or value. This issue of the meaning and purpose of existence is the topic of the philosophical school of existentialism.
The words 'existential' and 'crisis' are thrown around way too often. A true existential crisis is rare, and a pretty big deal! For anything smaller we can use the term 'brain farting'.
  1. brain farting
    1. Brain farting marks the moment when an individual comes to a mental impasse. The brain becomes bloated with meaningless ideas, pointless knowledge and silly thoughts and reaches breaking point. The only resolve is for the mind to relax, cease all operation, and 'fart' - often referred to as 'procrastinate'.
I have brain farts like something chronic - I'm forever passing huge smelly mushroom clouds of ignorance. It's pretty easy to confuse 'brain farts' with an 'existential crisis' though - they both get you worried!  To solve all this, we need to separate the 'brain farts' from the moments of 'existential crises'. The best way to do this is to use something precious called 'perspective'.

We're all guilty of blowing things completely out of proportion (like when someone keeps leaving an empty toilet roll in the loo, and you completely flip, blowing your top, because you 'always consider other people in the house' and 'just how difficult is it to change a loo roll'? (not first hand experience...))

Take a metaphorical computer mouse, and scroll-zoom out of your own life and consider the rest of the world. Wait, no, zoom out further... until all you can see are the stars and an inky blackness everywhere you look. This, my friends, is the Universe, and it's big. It's very big and I'm 120% sure we can't even begin to imagine just how big. If our solar system is just a single grain of sand on this  huge, sprawling beach of stars and nebulae, then you're even smaller than that. Bloody hell, you're near non-existent! The Universe is billions of years old, and it will continue to exist for billions of years to come. Our lives are but a tiny, teeny, insy, wincy speck of dust on a huge timeline, and we need to make them count.

You're life's important to you, my life's important to me. They're also pretty short in comparison to the stars, so we need to make them count. When I was growing up it was difficult to see just how stupid some of my mega-worries were. Trust me, worrying and stressing about looking cool at school means nothing when you're considering a University degree, or learning to drive.

Don't get me wrong, every problem matters. But we need to choose how much they matter! If life is short, I sure as hell don't want to spend my time sweating the small stuff, how about you? Do you worry over silly things? or have you learned to keep things in perspective? I really want to hear from you all to see if I'm the only one thinking about this stuff!

∆ Thanks guys, speak soon! ∆

Sometimes I do wonder 'what the hell have I written' and my 'YOLO' just kicks in...