Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sex Sells

I know a lot of my posts have been plain text, but I wanted to share some of the fun photoshoots I've been lucky to have been involved with (and lets be completely honest, modelling doesn't come easy to a lot of us including and especially me!) We all know how important those profile pictures are, so we got a little serious (and satirically sexy, with a huge-mongous dose of swag).
The Swaggy Egyptian and the 'cold-eared' fisherman (not really the title)

Back at the start of the year, we organised a photoshoot with Niki's best friend and my girlfriend, Linda (click her name to go an see some more of the awesome photos she has taken!) We went to our local seafront and found what can only be explained as the most run-down park in existence (coupled with a completely dilapidated sea wall and a crumbling footpath that would fail all-and-any health and safety measures you could throw at it).
The sexy 'tilt my glasses, touch my hear and frown'.. Again, not the title.
We'd been chatting with Linda for a few days prior to the photoshoot and we'd reach a conclusion: absolutely none of these photos would be serious - the concept? To be as sexy as possible (abandoning all integrity and committing complete social suicide, whilst also freezing off our extremities on what seemed like the coldest day post-ice age.) Whilst taking the above photo, we were constantly interrupted by a stream of people passing by (you can imagine the awkwardness holding that pose.)
Completely candid sexy shot... Natural. 100% natural.
The whole purpose of this shoot was to poke fun at the 'sexy' shoots you see plastered on billboards, in newspapers, on the front of magazines and practically everywhere else in the media. 'Sex sells' and it's everywhere. The media is continually inventing new ways to be 'provocative'. We're all surrounded by these types of images from such a young age that we grow with them, we're accustomed to them to the point that 'nothing is provocative anymore, even for kids' - I want to leave you with a song by Marina and the Diamonds that covers this (just listen to the first verse and chorus if you're impatient like me)
The ultimate 'sexy rope swing ride of sexiness'... These captions have gone too far.

Sorry if that was too much swag for you to handle, I should probably put a disclaimer at the start (sarcasm alert). Please make sure you go and check out Linda Blackers website and blog - she has some seriously creative photos on there that desperately deserve your attention! I hope this didn't get too heavy towards the end, but it's all something we rarely even consider. Let me know below if you enjoyed the photos and if you liked the song by Marina! (Oh, and make sure you follow me on twitter!)

∆ Until next time brochachos! ∆