Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Wish List

Money… money, money, money, money, money. Ever since graduating from University, it seems as though my life revolves around my constant pursuit of making money, avoiding delving ever-deeper into my overdraft, and resisting the urge to buy copious amounts of peanut butter (I have real issues.) I know this is wrong, I totally get it. Money doesn’t make you happy (but it sure makes things a lot less stressful!)

The other day I was sorting through my wardrobe preparing the annual “eBay it or give it to someone else who’ll look 100x better than you did in it (because we all know you bought it when you had absolutely no style in 2012)” I was mid-clothes purge when I thought ‘what if money wasn’t an object;’ what would I splurge on? We all window shop, so here’s my wish-list! To reign it in a little bit, I restricted my mind-spend-up to around £500 (one day my friends, one day.)

ALERT: This is my first attempt at writing anything remotely fashion orientated, therefore I am completely unapologetic for its contents and you have been warned (insert winky-face emoji)

I decided to stick with one store, Excel clothing, purely because I’m male and switching webpages is a real chore, let alone opening a new tab… Oh, and they also have loads of great classic brands (like Fred Perry, which makes my inner-white girl scream). Fred Perry is a great British brand, through and through, and whenever I see that little laurel wreath, I’m reminded of some great nights out with great friends (context: Fred Perry was my weapon of choice for nights out at uni). Their shirts are made from the best quality fabrics and just putting one on instantly raises your swag level ten-fold.

This shirt is everything. I’m going through a phase-turned-life-change that requires me to dress monochrome. I’m finding it so difficult to buy anything that isn’t a shade of grey, or plain black and white. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing, do you? 
Okay, I lied. For the past two years, all I keep buying are black jeans. I have three pairs of black jeans… This needs to change. I’ve only heard good things about Replay, enough that I’d definitely part with my illusory £90. I’m one of those people whom are very picky about their trousers - no matter how hard I try, I always manage to nab a pair that are either a size too big, a size too small, or a size that I can scarcely fit one leg into (just kidding, I’m not that bad.) 
Millier Brogues - £255.00 £204.00
Okay, hear me out on why I would spend so much on a pair of shoes… I HAVE NO SMART SHOES. Okay, that’s a lie (except my cat *did* decide to completely decimate the shoelaces on my favourite pair of brogues (I haven’t forgiven you, Ollie.)) Ever since buying my first pair of brogues at uni, I’ve been in love. I was dedicated to wearing Vans before, but brogues can be both smart and casual, dress up or down; these bad boys play the part, and they play it well. If money was not an object, I’d have a huge collection.
Chirpo Crew Neck t-shirt £30.00 £20.00
Why is this so cheap? Chirpo are such good quality, I feel like I don’t really need to justify this (I also feel like I don’t need to justify it because £20.00 is nothing compared to £204.00 on shoes!)
Remember in 2010 when chinos were no longer just something you saw old men wearing on the golf course, but were transformed into a highly valued staple-piece in every guy’s wardrobe? Yeah, well, that. I’ve never had any other colour than beige, and beige can be very boring. I’d roll the bottoms up to flash a bit of ankle (risqué), and combo them with a nice pair of casual plimsols (hello weekend dad.)

These are the perfect shoes to tie up and finish off that casual look. We started with Fred Perry, so why not finish with it? I had a pair of these shoes (before they went through the wash on the wrong setting (also in a colour spin with red towels)) so I know just how comfortable and sturdy they are. The beauty of these plimsolls is that you can wear them for both dress-up and dress-down occasions. I need these now!

My math skills aren’t the best, but altogether I’ve just spent an imaginary £476.50 of my £500 allowance, and I could’t be happier! These are all brands that I trust, and a lot has to be said for buying premium products as opposed to the cheapest possible - they last and they fit well. In an ideal world, we'd all be using the best and buying the best- this wish list lets me live a very brief, vicarious existence in that world. 

So, what did you think of my wish list? Do you think my style choice oozes swag or reeks of poor choice? If you can find any substituted on their website, make sure you link them in the comments to me! Also, let me know below what you thought of this post. Was this a good read, and insightful? or was it pointless and you'd never like to see me write about this rubbish again - let me know!
∆ Later, dudes! ∆